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Welcome to the message boards formed for honorable Master Ashida Kim. Though with his humility, he would surely prefer something simpler, it is our duty to show the respect and honor that is earned as a younger warrior to our elders. This is Kenshin Zanshiro, your tour guide for the message boards, signing off. Any questions, try to look on the boards first, and if you can't find it, ask, and someone will surely be able to assist you.






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3 8 0 Re: Youtube links...
Lord Morgue.ashidakimmessag...
Aug 22 16 4:55 AM

Enter: The Way

Check here for what's new and important announcements about the community!

14 39 1 Re: Welcome to jo...
cool chris
Jan 4 16 5:32 AM


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General Discussion

This is a general discussion forum, open to all participants

92 266 1 Poster
Lord Morgue.ashidakimmessag...
Jun 30 17 11:09 AM

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is back!

26 42 1 Tai Chi from DOJO...
Ashida Kim.ashidakimmessag...
Apr 22 17 4:53 PM

Forbidden Fighting Techniques

Area to discuss different techniques from martial arts.

25 117 1 Re: Tutorials
Lord Morgue.ashidakimmessag...
Jun 16 17 8:44 AM

Hollywood Hijinx

A place to discuss movies and music, or anything in the entertainment field.

34 77 2 Vintage Ninja
Lord Morgue.ashidakimmessag...
Feb 1 17 6:33 PM

Know Thyself

Seek the views of your fellow warriors, and cast your votes for the tome of knowledges within.

64 77 1 John Chang
Jul 30 16 6:05 PM


Welcome to the Kumite!

6 15 0 Charlie Zelenoff ...
Lord Morgue.ashidakimmessag...
Feb 7 17 4:51 AM

Linguistics & Culture

Language exchanges, Help with translations, cultural discussions

1 4 0 Re: When Did Call...
Oct 11 15 1:38 PM

Ninja Hands of Death

Public Discussion board for battling and tactical advice!

6 115 0 Re: Tactical tuto...
Lord Morgue.ashidakimmessag...
Jun 18 17 12:41 AM

Ninja Mind Control

Public area for discussions of faith, philosophy, and the ever-growing mind.

9 92 0 Re: Quotes
Lord Morgue.ashidakimmessag...
Jul 11 17 7:42 AM

Spyware/Malware Assistance

Place to find assistance for any computer troubles that are disturbing you. Slowdowns, popups, and the like, we will try to assist.

3 10 0 Re: Windows 10
May 19 16 9:23 AM

Styles FAQs

This area will be based upon a compilation of frequently asked questions about various styles.

3 7 0 Newest Blog on Fu...
Aug 8 15 5:56 PM

Weapons, Tools, & Deadly Things

Discussion area for all things weapon-related.

35 108 0 National Geograph...
Lord Morgue.ashidakimmessag...
Feb 23 17 11:17 PM
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