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John Chang Mo Pai Nei Kung.

Way of the Slippery Love Fist is my intrepation.
There are hundreds of hidden schools of martial arts.  The Mystery Schools which
understand that reality is not what we think it really is.  The internal martial
arts schools usually are nearly impossible to find.  However the martial arts comes from

Kung Fu Panda 3.  History of Kai.  Healing Chi.

Normally I do not like meat, and dislike both Shrimp and Oyster Sauce.
However.. the first Chinese Symbol we see for the History of Kai.  
"Steam coming out of the middle of a large dumpling"
is my interptation as to what was understood about Ki.  

New Years Chinese usual eat Jai, or noodles for longevity.  
Peaches usually representative immorality.

This roughly is what "Kai" would taste like.

""Dragon Sized Dumplings:

Dumpling and dough ingredients:
9 shrimp
2 stalks of green onion
1 inch (2.54 cm) of ginger root 
1 1/2 cups (350mL) celery (blanched and processed)
3/4 lb (335g) ground beef
2 1/2 (595 mL) cups of flour
1/4 cup (60 mL) vegetable oil
1 tbsp (15 mL) soy sauce
1 cup (240 mL) bamboo shoots
1 tbsp (15 mL) of Panda brand Oyster sauce
2 tsp (10 mL) of salt

Dipping sauce ingredients:
1 part Black rice vinegar
2 parts Soy Sauce
1 part Sesame oil

Dumpling filling:
- Mince the green onions and ginger
- Butterfly the shrimp and dice into small bits
- Dice the bamboo shoots
- Squeeze out the liquid from the blanched and food processed celery into a large mixing bowl onto the ground beef
- Add in ginger and green and onion to mixture and stir until liquid has been soaked up
- Add vegetable oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, shrimp, and bamboo shoots
- Mix thoroughly
- Pour in remaining celery and continue to mix ingredients in

Dumpling dough:
- Mix the flour with one cup (240mL) of warm water. Stir and knead until combined. Cover and let sit overnight.
- Cut dough into slices and roll out into tubes
- Cut off small sections of the dough, one per each dumpling
- Flour your working surface
- Press dough out onto surface, with a rolling pin, work your way around the dough and flatten it into a small circle. Make it as thin and flat as possible

Creating the dumpling:
- Dollop out a small amount of mixture onto the dumpling
- Take one side of the dough and fold it over the dumpling. Carefully work your way around both edges, being careful to not press any mixture between the folds
- When you've finished, close off the seams one more time for extra security.
- Follow the same steps to create a massive dragon dumpling, except when closing this off, take one side and begin working clockwise or counterclockwise from that spot, folding the dough over itself until you've wrapped it entirely.

Cooking the dumpling:
- For regular dumplings, bring a pot of water to boil and drop them in.
- They will be ready when they float to the top and have small wrinkles in them and are slightly transparent
- For dragon sized dumplings, pour water into a steamer and place the dumpling on top of a bed of lettuce on a ceramic plate.
- Bring the water to a boil and place the dumpling inside, closing the lid. Let it steam for 15-20 minutes.

Making dipping sauce:
- Combine 1 parts black rice vinegar, 2 parts soy sauce, and 1 part sesame oil. Mix together.
- To add extra spiciness, try stirring in some red chili paste.

Serve hot and eat up! 


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