Feb 7 17 4:51 AM

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So, this guy, Charlie Zelenoff, who has ONE pro fight to his name:
has a habit of going to random gyms, not even boxing gyms, fitness gyms, inviting average people to "spar", and then going ape on them with haymakers, running away if they can fight back.
In this way he is claiming a 160-0 undefeated record. Needless to say real fighters want nothing to do with him.

Uuuuuuntil he called Deontay Wilder a ni**er and threatened his daughter.
As you can imagine, this went down like a cup of cold sick, and the real life version of Balrog from Street Fighter 2 was less than pleased and showed up in person to dole out the harshness.

And as it happens, Charlie has had his ass handed to him plenty of times, but as he is the only one counting his gym ambushes as "fights", he doesn't count any of the times he ran away, got knocked out, or crawled around on the ground whimpering and crying as losses.

General consensus seems to be that he's either mentally ill or a very violent self-promoting prankster.
He really can't box, can he? Anyone who can slip a jab can beat him, he keeps walking into counters and is afraid of pain.

"I have a high art: I hurt with cruelty those who wound me." (Archilochus)