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Apr 6 17 5:08 PM

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Love learning this stuff. so interesting to see the Chinese Qin Na and grappling and compare the similarities to other traditional grappling systems like Judo, Aikido, Jujutsu,Taijutsu.  [url=
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Apr 10 17 1:50 AM

Chin na is really underutilised in most kung fu systems IMO. They'll refuse to study any grappling, and then the first time they get thrown or sat on or manhandled they'll spaz out or freeze or just give up. Head in the sand, the lot of 'em. And then if they do train grappling they'll switch completely over BJJ, which is just as overspecialised in its own way, when there's a perfectly good Chinese grappling system they could use. This would work so well with wing chun, flowing from entering to trapping to locking and throws instead of just trying to tangle up the opponent's arms for more chainpunches and eye pokes.

"I have a high art: I hurt with cruelty those who wound me." (Archilochus)

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Apr 15 17 2:29 PM

Hi Lord Morgue you are correct. The reason is most of these methods are becoming extremely rare. Around Shaolin these days most teachers teach forms, and Sanda [Chinese kick boxing] Sanda has lots of throws but no locks or chocks. The cultural revolutions is mainly responsible for this change.

Another thing is kung fu really wasn't designed for competition. Even though a few low level practitioners try and enter competitions and lose easily because they didn't prepare properly. I had a discussion with this instructor {my Shifu's kung fu brother} about MMA and traditional martial arts {nothing new to me really but}, he went on to mentions all the different dirty fighting techniques that will be used in a real fight that are banned in competitions. When you feel a master like this demo techniques on you believe it. I have crossed trained and studied many other arts, but in my experience kung fu technique were some of the most powerful and useful in real life fights I had.

Here is another class we had recently [url=

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